I have partnered with clients to help them address the following types of questions and situations.  Some decisions were simple and apparent, others took time to explore and address.  Through focus each client was able to clarify their path.

Team Building and Motivation

  • I’m building (taking-over) a new team and want to be successful.  I need a plan.
  • How will I create a high performance team?  What should I focus on?
  • How will I motivate my top performers to continue to excel? What must I do to retain them?
  • How should I structure rewards and incentives, for individuals and the team?


Performance Management / Tough Conversations

  • I need to deliver a tough message. I’m struggling with how to do that, without destroying their confidence and self-esteem.
  • I need to keep my top performers motivated, but get the rest of the team to step up.
  • I’ve got a team morale problem.  How can I salvage this situation?


Leading People, Managing Things

  • Does your leadership style fit your leadership need? What are your primary/complimentary management styles?
  • How ready is each individual to take on their team role? What do they require from you?
  • Where should you anticipate spending your time?

Each of us has the opportunity for a fulfilling life, to be happy and at peace.  The sooner you examine where you are against your Values, Needs and Wants, the sooner you can start realizing fulfillment.  

Just like a coach helps Olympic athletes reach full athletic ability, I partner with clients to help them achieve personal and professional potential.




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