Are Your Values Aligned with Your Actions?

Values are our judgment of what is important in our life – what is personally important to us. Values are the behaviors and activities to which we are drawn, reflecting who we really are. Living our Values is a must for us to truly be ourselves. Our Values guide our actions.  We have many Values, but they differ in importance - some are more significant to us than others.


When “life is good”, our Values and actions are aligned – our key Values are being satisfied and we are happy. When “life is okay” or “life is not so good”, there is the probability that some key Value is not being met. Whether by choice or necessity, sometimes we act in conflict to what we Value.


Have you identified your Values? 
Prioritized them to know your key Values?


Life should be good… think about it!


Just like a coach helps Olympic athletes reach full athletic ability, I partner with clients to help them achieve personal and professional potential.




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