Does Your Leadership Style Match Your Team's Readiness?

I had the good fortune to watch “Twelve O’Clock High” (Gregory Peck, 1949) this weekend, one of my favorite movies. I distinctly remember seeing this movie as part of IBM manager training on Situational Leadership. Little did I realize that this leadership model would be a management tool I applied during my entire career!


The Situational Leadership Model was developed by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard, and relates “Leadership Style” to the individual’s or teams “Maturity Level” to perform the work assigned. A strong leader matches their style to the readiness level of the team and individual. It maps the steps involved in growing a team and building your next generation of leaders.


As a longtime leader I’ve applied this model to struggling teams, poor performance, low morale and other conflict situations. In almost every case it was possible to identify that leader(s) and individual (or team) were in different quadrants. Raising this awareness enabled all leaders to be more effective and positively impact individual and team results.


Are you experiencing a conflict situation? 

Looking for personal insights to better lead and build a high performance team?


How effective is your leadership style… think about it!


Just like a coach helps Olympic athletes reach full athletic ability, I partner with clients to help them achieve personal and professional potential.




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